Are indoor soccer shoes good for running?

Man in running shoes

Do I need to buy running shoes, or can I use my indoor soccer shoes for running a long distance? What are the advantages of running shoes?

The difference between the soles

Most running shoes have thicker soles for better comfort when running for a long distance. The soles are made to absorb the shocks when landing your feet on the ground. Compared to the indoor soccer shoes, the running shoes feel a lot softer to run on, especially on concrete ground. The sole is thin under the toes, because you need more power at the front of the feet. The heel is where the shoe first touches the ground and should be able to absorb more shocks.

Because the soles of the indoor football boots are much thinner, they wear out faster if you run on rough surfaces. If you have ran a lot of miles with your indoor football boots, you should not wear them anymore to play indoor soccer. The surface of the rubber loses too much grip, which makes you slip away faster. This can lead to nasty injuries.

Profile of the shoes

If you look at the profile of the running shoes, you see the top of the shoes pointing upwards. This ensures a better pace when running.

The tip of the indoor soccer shoes do not point up and do not have that much rubber on the end. This way you have better control over the ball. The running shoes are made to support the arches in your feet. Running long distances with indoor soccer can lead to ‘flat feet‘. Which means that the entire sole of your feet will almost or totally come in contact with the ground. Their is also an increasing chance of having back pains. Because of the thicker soles, running shoes are much better for your back because the absorb the shocks on your bones better.

The fabric of the shoes

Except for the rubber sole, leather and synthetic fibers are the main materials being used to make indoor soccer shoes. They are made as light as possible and have very smooth surfaces to let the player have a good feeling of the ball. The first few steps you take to go past an opponent, are very important in indoor soccer. Heavy shoes would be a disadvantage.

Running shoes tend to have more textile to improve comfort. They are made to wear for a longer time. They are not very good to play any soccer with, because the are very rigid and thick.


It’s not a good idea to use indoor soccer shoes for running long distances. The chance that you will suffer from flat feet or back pain is much greater. Buy the right shoes for the right sport!

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