Can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually?

Casual shoes for soccer

Of course, you CAN wear them, but should you? What about your back? Should I wear my new indoor soccer shoes to a concert or a festival? And can I use my shoes again indoor?

Comfort difference

The main goals manufacturers of futsal shoes are looking for, is lightness and grip. They make the shoes in a light fabric with a thin sole, which make them very light if you compare them to sneakers or regular shoes. For playing indoor soccer, these properties give the player a big advantage in handling, speed and grip.

Manufacturers do not focus too much on the comfort of these shoes, because most of the time they are only worn for about 1 or 2 hours a day. If you wear futsal shoes for a longer time, you will start to feel the difference in comfort. Sneakers have a much thicker sole, making them much more comfortable for the bottom of your feet.


Indoor soccer shoes are not made to walk or run on concrete. Because of the rough surface of the concrete, the bottom of the shoes will wear out. On the field you will lose a lot of grip. This is not only bad for your level of playing but also for injuries.


Wearing indoor soccer for a concert can result in knee, hip and back pain. If you would wear them all day, every day, the chances of you having fallen arches, also known as flat feet. Wearing the right shoes to the right occasions is not a bad advice.

Worn out futsal shoes make it very slippery playing on indoor fields. Making a short turn could cause you to slip which could cause muscle cracks. This is a very common injury when playing with old or well-worn futsal shoes. It will prevent you from playing at least a few weeks, sometimes months.

Casual looking indoor soccer shoes

So it’s not the best idea to wear your indoor soccer shoes outside the field, if you plan on playing with them again on the field. Make sure you wear the right shoes for the right occasions.

But if you do want to wear indoor soccer shoes outside the field, you want them to look casual but good. Here is some inspiration:

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