Can you wear indoor soccer shoes outside?

Soccer pitch

Are you thinking about wearing your indoor soccer shoes outside, because the hard pitch is pressing your studs against the bottom of your feet? Or you forgot your turf cleat to the game, but you have some futsal shoes in the car? Is it ok to wear these type of shoes outside?

Indoor soccer shoes on a regular soccer pitch

It’s not advised to wear indoor soccer shoes outside, on a regular grass pitch, because of the flat sole. You will slip away constantly, even on a very dry pitch. You need at least some type of studs to give you some grip on the field. Slipping away can lead to very nasty injuries and will prevent you from being on the right place at the right time.

When you have to play on a dry/hard soccer pitch surface. You sometimes don’t want to wear your regular soccer shoes because they are hard on the bottom of your feet. In those situations it’s a good idea to consider buying soccer shoes with smaller studs.

There are 3 types of regular soccer field surfaces: soft, firm and hard. The soft ground is often caused by a lot of rain in the days before the game. On this type of surface, you need a shoe with longer studs: 18mm for the heel and 15mm on the forefoot. Playing on firm surfaces 15mm and 12mm are advised. And for hard surfaces you need 13mm and 10mm. Of course those studs can have different sizes, but this gives you an idea of what to look for.

The adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial have small studs that make them ideal to play on hard or dry grass soccer fields.

The adidas Men’s X 18.2 is designed for use on firm ground surfaces.

adidas Mens Ace 17+ Purecontrol is a shoe made for use on soft/wet grounds. It has longer studs which give you extra grip when changing direction or accelerating.

Turf grounds

The same problem occurs on turf grounds. Although they are not made from grass, the field is still very slippy for smooth, flat soles. Therefore you should consider buying shoes made especially for turf or wear shoes made for hard surfaces.

This Nike Men’s SuperflyX 6 shoe is especially made for playing on turf. It has CR7 details to pay homage to Ronaldo’s hero status in Portugal.

Nike VaporX 12 has non-marking rubber outsole that provides traction on artificial-turf surfaces.

Concrete field

On concrete fields you are actually better of with indoor soccer shoes. Here you will have no problem with your balance and grip. But do not use these shoes again indoor after you have played on a concrete surface. The bottom of the shoes will wear out and you will have the same problem of slipping away when playing indoors, where it’s even more dangerous for your knees and muscles.


It’s better not to wear indoor soccer shoes outside. Use the right shoe for the right occasion, fitting the type of surface you play on.

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